WeatherTalk: Northerners are not too tough when weather turns toasty

Should our heat wave make national news, be certain that folks watching in Dallas will laugh and laugh.

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FARGO — The hot temperatures coupled with humidity yesterday and today have many of us struggling to keep cool. We northerners just are not used to these conditions. Some don't mind it, but many among us will suffer, complain or even whine their way through the heat wave. Should our heat wave make national news, be certain that folks watching in Dallas will laugh and laugh.

People of southern locations where hot weather is the rule instead of the exception are often the target of our own laughter when an inch of snow or a week of freezing weather sends their society into chaos. However, another side of this is revealed when we Northerners are subjected to typical Texas weather in summer. Texans and Southerners in general are not tough when it comes to cold winter weather. Likewise, Northerners as a whole are not tough when the weather turns toasty.

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John Wheeler is Chief Meteorologist for WDAY, a position he has had since May of 1985. Wheeler grew up in the South, in Louisiana and Alabama, and cites his family's move to the Midwest as important to developing his fascination with weather and climate. Wheeler lived in Wisconsin and Iowa as a teenager. He attended Iowa State University and achieved a B.S. degree in Meteorology in 1984. Wheeler worked about a year at WOI-TV in central Iowa before moving to Fargo and WDAY..
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