Wolverines win first meet of season

Boys, girls track teams start season with victory for Wadena-Deer Creek

Wadena-Deer Creek's Aiden Larson clears the bar in the high jump Friday, April 16, in Wadena. Larson won the event for the Wolverines. (Meghan Perry / Perham Focus)

The Wadena-Deer Creek boys and girls track and field team earned their first victory of the season at their first meet in two years Friday, April 16, 2021, in Wadena. They beat Bertha-Hewitt/Verndale, Long Prairie Grey Eagle, and Upsala/Swanville.

Head coach Marc Reynolds was happy to be back and to get some of the younger athletes their first varsity experience.

"It was good to get the kids back to competing after such a long lay off!" Reynolds said. "It was fun to see the excitement in the kids and to see how they have progressed from 2019. We have a lot of younger athletes with minimal experience, so it was good for them to get a meet in."

On the girls team, Amber Collins took first in the 800, Isabelle Larson won the high jump and pole vault events, and the team won the 4x100 relay with Madison Packer, Kylee Collins, Britta Sweeney, and Lydia Oldakowski, the 4x400 relay with Amber Collins, Johanna Brunsberg, Addyson Gravelle, and Kelanie Oldakowski, and the 4x800 relay with Collins, Brunsberg, Emma Mehl, and Emma Ries.

The boys team also took first place in three relay events. The relay team of Brady Domier, D'Andre Hammond, Teshe Loer, and Kaden Peterson won both the 4x100 and 4x200 relays, and the team of Cole Dunker, Charlie Bushinger, MJ Lunde, and Aiden Larson won the 4x400 relay. Dunker also took first in the 300 hurdles and the long jump, Larson won the triple and high jump, Domier won the pole vault event, and Koby Endres took first in the shot put.


"Overall, we had well rounded team finishes on both the girls and boys teams," Reynolds said. "We scored points in the throws, the jumps, pole vaulting, hurdles, sprinting, and distance events."

The Wolverines start the season with a 1-0 record. They travel to Sebeka Thursday, April 22, for a 4 p.m. meet.

Girls Team Results

Wadena-Deer Creek 103, Bertha-Hewitt/Verndale 86, Long Prairie Grey Eagle 61, Upsala/Swanville 18

WDC Girls Individual Results

100m dash-5 Lydia Oldakowski, 14.58; 8 Ellie Hale, 14.75; 10 Jenna Domier, 14.91; 12 Emma Schmitz, 15.24; 17 Kimmora Simmons, 16.02; 18 Madison Buchanan, 16.53; 200m dash-3 Kylee Collins, 30.17; 4 Addyson Gravelle, 30.60; 5 Britta Sweeney, 30.78; 8 Jenna Domier, 31.83; 12 Kaylee Berg, 33.01; 13 Ellie Hale, 33.04; 400m dash-2 Emma Schmitz, 1:14.31; 4 Leah Osberg, 1:15.39; 6 Kaylee Berg, 1:17.52; 11 Madison Buchanan, 1:29.66; 800m run-1 Amber Collins, 2:48.21; 2 Johanna Brunsberg, 2:49.00; 6 Leah Osberg, 3:04.00; 13 Macey Goeden, 3:33.00; 1600m run-3 Emma Mehl, 6:50.00; 6 Macey Goeden, 7:25.00; 3200m run-2 Emma Ries, 14:55.00; 100m hurdles-2 Madison Packer, 19.08; 3 Kelanie Oldakowski, 19.31; 7 Charli Snyder, 20.78; 8 Emily Mitchell, 20.97; 11 Megan Hamelau, 21.81; 300m hurdles-2 Madison Packer, 55.94; 6 Emily Mitchell 1:00.82; 8 Kelanie Oldakowski, 1:01.09; 9 Charli Snyder, 1:02.41; 10 Megan Hamelau, 1:07.59; 4x100m relay-1 Madison Packer, Kylee Collins, Britta Sweeney, Lydia Oldakowski, 56.99; 4x200m relay-2 WDC, 2:00.64; 4x400m relay-1 Amber Collins, Johanna Brunsberg, Addyson Gravelle, Kelanie Oldakowski, 4:43.70; 4x800m relay-1 Amber Collins, Johanna Brunsberg, Emma Mehl, Emma Ries, 11:10.72; High Jump-1 Isabella Larson, 4-04.00; 4 Amber Collins, J4-04.00; 8 Megan Hamelau, 3-08.00; Pole Vault-1 Isabella Larson, 7-06.00; 2 Kylee Collins, J7-06.00; 3 Jenna Domier, 5-06.00; 4 Britta Sweeney, 5-00.00; Long Jump-2 Madison Packer, 13-06.00; 5 Emma Schmitz, 11-08.00; 10 Charli Snyder, 10-01.75; Triple Jump-4 Addyson Gravelle, 27-05.50; Shot Put-3 Lauryn Gravelle, 27-10.00; 4 Ellie Hale, 26-01.00; 9 Paige Self, 21-11.50; 13 Ryann Schmidt, 16-00.00; Discus-2 Lauryn Gravelle, 91-10; 4 Paige Self, 65-04; 8 Ellie Hale, 53-03; 9 Ryann Schmidt, 53-02

Boys Team Results

Wadena-Deer Creek 100, Bertha-Hewitt/Verndale 64, Long Prairie Grey Eagle 58, Upsala/Swanville 36


WDC Boys Individual Results

100m dash-2 D'Andre Hammond, 11.80; 4 Kaden Peterson, 12.31; 5 Nick Briggs, 12.50; 10 Tayton Lehmann, 13.17; 15 Isaac Heppner, 14.58; 16 Trevin Kern, 15.26; 200m dash-3 Nick Briggs, 26.34; Tayton Lehmann, 28.70; 9 Trevin Kern, 30.89; 400m dash-2 Charlie Bushinger, 1:00.16; 3 MJ Lunde, 1:00.98; 7 Isaac Heppner, 1:13.52; 800m run-5 Grant Nelson, 2:51.00; 6 Eric Malone, 2:52.00; 1600m run-3 Lane Hoefs, 5:35.00; 110m hurdles-2 Cole Dunker, 18.19; 4 Noah Johnson, 20.50; 300m hurdles-1 Cole Dunker, 45.22; 4x100m relay-1 Brady Domier, D'Andre Hammond, Teshe Loer, Kaden Peterson, 48.71; 4x200m relay-1 Brady Domier, D'Andre Hammond, Teshe Loer, Kaden Peterson, 1:44.29; 4x400m relay-1 Cole Dunker, Charlie Bushinger, MJ Lunde, Aiden Larson, 4:04.25; 4x800m relay-2 WDC, 10:14.63; High Jump-1 Aiden Larson 5-08.00; Pole Vault-1 Charlie Bushinger, 11-06.00; 2 Brady Domier, 11-00.00; Long Jump-1 Cole Dunker, 18-05.00; 2 D'Andre Hammond, 17-06.50; 6 Nick Briggs, 13-05.00; 7 Trevin Kern, 12-09.50; Triple Jump-1 Aiden Larson, 39-11.75; 2 Charlie Bushinger, 37-07.50; 3 MJ Lunde, 36-06.50; Shot Put-1 Koby Endres, 35-04.25; 8 Kaden Peterson, 28-03.00; 10 Dylan Wirth, 27-01.00; 14 Mikael Briggs, 22-07.50; Discus-6 Koby Endres, 88-00; 13 Mikael Briggs, 60-07; 14 Dylan Wirth, 57-01.50

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