Wrestling: WDC hits the floor with BHVPP, Osakis, Holdingford

The Wolverines found a few wins in the quadrangular at home.

Two wrestlers.
Wadena-Deer Creek's Eli Benning works on BHVPP's Abby Ervasti for one of the team's pins on Jan. 20, 2022.
Rebecca Mitchell / Pioneer Journal

WADENA — The Wolverines had a tough go against some well stacked teams in their final home match of the regular season on Thursday, Jan. 20.

Against nearby rival, the Bertha-Hewitt-Verndale-Parkers Prairie team, Koby Endres (182) pinned Braden Shamp and Eli Benning pinned Abby Ervasti to bring the only points for WDC. Unfrotunately, WDC had seven forfeits in the match.

Bertha-Hewitt- Verndale -Parkers Prairie (BHVP) 63.0 Wadena-Deer Creek (WDC) 12.0
106: Justin Olson (BHVP) over James Seelhammer (WDC) (TF 19-3 0:00) 113: Preston Captain (BHVP) over Mason Brauch (WDC) (Fall 0:51) 120: Bennet Arceneau (BHVP) over (WDC) (For.) 126: Deagen Captain (BHVP) over (WDC) (For.) 132: David Revering (BHVP) over (WDC) (For.) 138: Reese Thompson (BHVP) over (WDC) (For.) 145: Holden Truax (BHVP) over Grant Seelhammer (WDC) (MD 14-6) 152: Eli Benning (WDC) over Abby Ervasti (BHVP) (Fall 3:46) 160: Cayden Kimber (BHVP) over Ettore Pinnella (WDC) (Fall 1:41) 170: Justin Koehn (BHVP) over Brandon Wheeler (WDC) (Fall 3:05) 182: Double Forfeit 195: Koby Endres (WDC) over Braden Shamp (BHVP) (Fall 3:35) 220: Gideon Ervasti (BHVP) over (WDC) (For.) 285: Collin Moeller (BHVP) over (WDC) (For.)

Wrestlers faces.
Following his own bloody nose, James Seelhammer fights to stay off the mat against Justin Olson on Jan. 20, 2022.
Rebecca Mitchell / Pioneer Journal
Wrestler in the air.
Mason Brauch steadies himself as he gets thrown down by BHVPP's Preston Captain on Jan. 20, 2022.
Rebecca Mitchell / Pioneer Journal

Against Osakis, Mason Brauch won his match with Simon Jacobson 9-1; Grant Seelhammer and Koby Endres won by forfeit.

Osakis (OSAK) 57 Wadena-Deer Creek (WDC) 16
106: Reggie George (OSAK) over James Seelhammer (WDC) (Fall 3:26) 113: Mason Brauch (WDC) over Simon Jacobson (OSAK) (MD 9-1) 120: Jacob Taplin (OSAK) over (WDC) (For.) 126: Christian Nathe (OSAK) over (WDC) (For.) 132: Lukas Duchene (OSAK) over Jaydyn Kenney (WDC) (Fall 3:03) 138: Hunter Sell (OSAK) over Madelyn Gallant (WDC) (Fall 0:46) 285: Conner Koep (OSAK) over (WDC) (For.) 152: Kale Drevlow (OSAK) over Eli Benning (WDC) (Fall 3:03) 160: Tyson Hagedon (OSAK) over Brandon Wheeler (WDC) (Dec 8-3) 170: Kaleb Helberg (OSAK) over Ettore Pinnella (WDC) (Fall 0:59) 145: Grant Seelhammer (WDC) over (OSAK) (For.) 182: Koby Endres (WDC) over (OSAK) (For.) 195: Double Forfeit 220: Preston Kunkel (OSAK) over (WDC) (For.)


The Wolverines could not pull out a point against Holdingford, who pinned seven Wolverine members.

Holdingford (HOLD) 82.0 Wadena-Deer Creek (WDC) 0.0
106: Wyatt Novitzki (HOLD) over James Seelhammer (WDC) (Fall 1:26) 113: Noah Perowitz (HOLD) over Dayton Putnam (WDC) (Fall 0:39) 120: Wyatt Pilarski (HOLD) over Mason Brauch (WDC) (Fall 1:36) 126: Evan Petron (HOLD) over (WDC) (For.) 132: Grant Welle (HOLD) over Jaydyn Kenney (WDC) (Fall 0:35) 138: William Pilarski (HOLD) over (WDC) (For.) 145: Drew Lange (HOLD) over Grant Seelhammer (WDC) (Fall 3:14) 152: Mason Lichy (HOLD) over Kylan Benning (WDC) (Fall 2:54) 160: Luke Bieniek (HOLD) over Eli Benning (WDC) (MD 11-1) 170: Evan Lichy (HOLD) over Brandon Wheeler (WDC) (Fall 2:34) 182: Cyril Feia (HOLD) over (WDC) (For.) 195: Sam Harren (HOLD) over Koby Endres (WDC) (Fall 4:56) 220: Jaden Bartkowicz (HOLD) over (WDC) (For.) 285: Alex Sachez-Mohs (HOLD) over (WDC) (For.)

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