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Track and Field: Wolverines are top team at Bemidji

The Wolverines are next scheduled to compete Tuesday, April 19, in Perham.

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The Wadena-Deer Creek Wolverines.
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BEMIDJI — It's safe to say that people in Bemidji now know the Wadena-Deer Creek track and field team by name and event.
The team has been making weekly trips up north to compete at Bemijdi State University, the only place nearby that runners can escape the endless winter. In their third visit this spring, or rather winter, the team has pulled their first first-place finish. The boys claimed first out of 15 teams at the Craig Hougen Indoor Classic at BSU Thursday, April 14.
The boys earned 89 team points. Park Rapids Area was second with 73, followed by Perham with 71.
The girls' team performed exceedingly well, too. They finished third with 93 points. Perham won the girls' varsity competition with 112 points. Pequot Lakes placed second with 107 points.

"It's been a great start to the season so far," according to track and field coach Marc Reynolds. "We are fortunate to have access to indoor meets at Bemidji State and our administration is supportive about getting the kids into meets."
Reynolds explained that this was the first time they had a full varsity girls and boys group competing this season after numerous other trips and events.

Top finishers boys

Lyrik Haug claimed first in high jump at 6-0.
Brady Domier won the 60-meter dash in 9.30 and the pole vault in 13-feet-6. Charlie Bushinger claimed second in pole vault with a 12-6 vault.
Matthew Pugsley took second in the 400 with 53.87.
The boys 4x200 team was less than a half second ahead of Staples-Motley to nab first place.

Top finishers girls

Amber Collins earned first in the 400 dash and the 800 run. Madison Packer won the long jump for WDC at 15-7.5.
The girls relay teams were hard to beat. The 4x200 team claimed second with 1:59.43. The 4x400 took third at 4:26.08. The 4x8 team took third with 10:45.12.
Isabelle Larson was high as a kite jumping to second place in triple jump (32-2), third place in high jump (4-8) and fourth in pole vault 8-6.

"Overall, we are happy with the way things are going," Reynolds continued in an email. "Kids have been working hard and have been open minded about trying some new events to try and help the team. We ask for a lot of our kids to try both field and running events and that continues to pay off big for us as a team. We have a great mixture of runners who also jump and vault and for us.
"For the girls, Ambers Collins, Maddie Packer, Gracie Arm, Isabelle Larson, Britta Sweeney, Aly Pavek and Johanna Brunsberg have been consistent place winners for the girls team. Gracie has taken a big jump from her 7th grade season in the shot put and has been leading our group of throwers so far. Amber, Maddie, Isabelle, Britta, Aly and Johanna make up a very strong sprint/middle distance group that should have a strong season for the girls.
"Brady Domier, Lyrik Haug, Charlie Bushinger, Bjorn Brunsberg, Lane Hoefs, Matt Pugsley and MJ Lunde are putting up big points for the boys team. Bjorn and Lane are coming off a successful cross country season and are doing well for us in the distance events and Matt Pugsley is back with the team after a couple year hiatus and he has stepped into a strong sprint crew that has been doing well."



Boys team scores: 1-Wadena-Deer Creek 89, 2-Park Rapids 73, 3-Perham 71, 4-DGF 60, 5-Bertha-Hewitt/Verndale 55, 6-Staples-Motley 47, 7-Pillager 45, 8-Pequot Lakes 42

60 hurdles: 1-Brady Domier (WDC) 9.30, 2-Charlie Schiessl (PL) 9.38, 6-Tyce Russell (BHV) 9.99, 7-Tim Moyer (Pil) 10.01, 8-Avandre Brandt (SM) 10.27

60 dash: 1-Ayo Ogundeji (Nevis) 7.26, 2-Remington Converse (SM) 7.28, 3-Bryce Hutchison (Pil) 7.43, 4-Corey Hansen (SM) 7.44, 5-Cruz Megazzini (PL) 7.46, 6-Quintin Laveau 7.47, 7-Aidan Bryniarski (BHV) 7.52


200 dash: 1-Joshua Finseth (DGF) 23.11, 3-Megazzini 24.20, 4-Laveau 24.20, 7-Charlie Bushinger (WDC) 24.75, 8-Hutchinson 24.88

400 dash: 1-Joshua Finseth (DGF) 52.93, 2-Matthew Pugsley (WDC) 53.87, 3-Zion Loucks (Pil) 54.13, 6-Preston Miller (BHV) 55.25

800 run: 1-Jacob McCleary (Perham) 2:00.02, 4-Preston Miller (BHV) 2:10.70, 7-Bjorn Brunsberg (WDC) 2:12.79

1600 run: 1-Jacob McCleary (Perham) 4:31.27, 2-Brady Rach (BHV) 4:45.22, 3-Bjorn Brunsberg (WDC) 4:54.44, 6-Lane Hoefs (WDC) 5:00.22, 8-Issiah Tabatt (SM) 5:05.49


3200 run: 1-Zane GuderJahn (BHV) 10:54.80, 2-Logan Robben (SM) 10:54.83, 5-Lane Hoefs (WDC) 11:20.69, 7-Odin Trif (SM) 11:58.61

4x200 relay: 1-Wadena-Deer Creek 1:38.55, 2-Staples-Motley 1:38.87, 3-Pillager 1:41.32

4x400 relay: 1-Park Rapids 3:44.72, 3-Pequot Lakes 3:52.02, 4-Pillager 3:54.08, 5-Wadena-Deer Creek 3:54.30, 6-Bertha-Hewitt/Verndale 3:57.00

4x800 relay: 1-Park Rapids 8:46.55, 3-Bertha-Hewitt/Verndale 9:02.00, 5-Pequot Lakes 9:10.67, 6-Staples-Motley 9:34.97, 8-Pillager 10:03.05, 9-Pine River-Backus 10:09.6, 11-Wadena-Deer Creek 10:32.12

Shot put: 1-Connor Kostynick (Perham) 46-5, 3-Lucas Ganley (PL) 45-7

Long jump: 1-Joshua Finseth (DGF) 20-11, 3-Quintin Laveau (Pil) 19-8.5, 4-Lyrik Haug (WDC) 19-7.25, 5-Preston Miller (BHV) 19-5, 7-Tyce Russell (BHV) 18-11.5

Triple jump: 1-Finseth 44-9, 3-Tyce Russell (WDC) 39-4, 4-Charlie Bushinger (WDC) 39-0, 5-Zion Loucks (Pil) 38-6, 6-Zach Baumgartner (BHV) 38-5

High jump: 1-Lyrik Haug (WDC) 6-0, 2-Megazzini 5-10, 6-Hunter Miller (SM) 5-6

Pole vault: 1-Brady Domier (WDC) 13-6, 2-Charlie Bushinger (WDC) 12-6, 5-Turner Beachy (SM) 10-6

Girls team scores: 1-Perham 112.5, 2-Pequot Lakes 107, 3-Wadena-Deer Creek 93, 4-Park Rapids 74,5-Staples-Motley 54…8-Bertha-Hewitt/Verndale 26, 9-Pillager 25…12-Pine River-Backus 5.5

60 hurdles: 1-Lauryn Rustad (Perham) 9.89, 2-Jessa Kimman (Pil) 10.08, 4-Allison Gladen (PL) 10.56, 8-Michaela (BHV) 10.88, 9-Madison Packer 10.92

60 dash: 1-Joselyn Rinio (PL) 8.28, 3-Riya Johnson (PL) 8.36, 4-Ava Merta 8.58, 7-Layla Sharp (WDC) 8.71

200 dash: 1-Riya Johnson (PL) 28.40, 2-Rinio 29.02, 3-Broskovetz 29.04, 4-Julia Keiffer (PL) 29:30, 5-Madison Packer 29.67, 8-Kylee Collins 30.15

400 dash: 1-Amber Collins (WDC) 1:01.46, 2-Aften Robinson (SM) 1:02.81, 3-Veronica Brokovetz (PL) 1:03.57, 6-Britta Sweeney 1:06.05, 7-Nathalie Hahne 1:06.62

800 run: 1-Amber Collins 2:32.01, 2-Kendra Miller (BHV) 2:34.27, 5-Ashley Robben 2:36.41, 8-Ally Pavek 2:38.90

1600 run: 1-Calia Chaney (PL) 5:16.18, 2-Audrey Brownell (SM) 5:27.70, 3-Mia Arroya (BHV) 5:49.14

3200 run: 1-Kyanna Burton (SM) 12:06.93, 2-Chaney 12:07.21, 3-Bella Hines (SM) 13:36.71, 4-Naila Mikhaeil (SM) 13:46.61, 5-Emma Reeder (Pil) 13:59.07

4x200 relay: 1-Park Rapids 1:56.90, 2-Wadena-Deer Creek 1:59.43, 3-Pequot Lakes 1:59.96, 5-Pillager 2:03.04, 6-Bertha-Hewitt/Verndale 2:03.47, 8-Staples-Motley 2:05.60

4x400 relay: 1-Staples-Motley 4:23.88, 3-Wadena-Deer Creek 4:26.08, 4-Pequot Lakes 4:34.37, 7-Bertha-Hewitt/Verndale 4:46.10, 8-Pillager 4:46.84

4x800 relay: 1-Park Rapids 10:31.55, 3-Wadena-Deer Creek 10:45.12, 5-Pillager 11:46.19, 8-Pequot Lakes 12:52.15

Shot put: 1-Monica Johnson (NKB) 45-3.5, 4-Gracie Arm (WDC) 31-7.35, 5-Lauryn Gravelle (WDC) 30-11.75, 6-Amelia Davis (PL) 30-10, 7-Jerrett Tietz (PL) 30-7.25, 8-Kayla Joyce 30-7.25

Long jump: 1-Madison Packer (WDC) 15-7.5, 3-Reese Laposky (PL) 15-3, 7-Joselyn Rinio (PL) 14-10.

Triple jump: 1-Jaden Hackel (Perham) 35-5, 2-Isabelle Larson (WDC) 32-2, 4-Sydnie Wgeishofski (PL) 31-6, 8-Ella Dahl (PRB) 30-10

High jump: 1-Willow Thiel (Perham) 4-8, 3-Isabelle Larson (WDC) 4-8, 4-Alaura Dahl (PRB) 4-6, 6-Taylor Lloyd (BHV) 4-6, 7-Ashley Warren (BHV) 4-6

Pole vault: 1-Gracie Morris (Perham) 9-6, 4-Isabelle Larson (WDC) 8-6, 8-Joselyn Rinio (PL) 8-6

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