The annual Minnesota Youth Deer Hunt takes place on Oct. 17-20 for youth ages 10-17. Youth ages 10-13 must be accompanied by an adult during this weekend event. However, the adult does not have to be licensed.

Blaze orange requirements apply to all hunters in areas open during this season. The accompanying adult cannot hunt, therefore party hunting is not allowed. Youth hunters must tag their own deer if they have success during this time.

Youth ages 10-12 years old must still possess the free license, and youth 12-and-under must have their firearms safety certificate or apprentice hunter validation. The bag limit is one deer. Bucks must be tagged with the youth's regular license, and does may be tagged with their bonus permit if you so choose.

Deer permit area designations for the youth season are the same for the regular firearms season, so be aware of what areas the youth decide to hunt in before heading out. Also, a deer that is harvested during this weekend will count towards the youth's annual statewide bag limit.