While the ruffed grouse and archery deer season officially began Saturday morning, a number of shooters realized they could use a little more practice and promptly headed to the Knob Hill Sportsmans Club open house.

The open house allowed members and non-members alike to checkout the opportunities that are growing at the clubhouse, which features a recently built indoor archery range. It even has a loft area to shoot from as if you're shooting from the tree stand. Also on site is an indoor pistol range, outdoor trap shooting range and a moving target range.

The whole place is now accessible 24-7 by members using a new card system that opens the front gate. It will eventually open a door to the indoor range, according to club member Dave Folkestad. Folkestad said an annual fee of $30, allows that 24-7 access. Youth under age 17 are free with an adult.

Groups were dusting clay targets outside and kids and adults were driving arrows into paper and 3-D targets inside. Food was also served to those passing through during the day.

While the interior looks impressive, nearly $100,000 in exterior work remains, Folkestad said. That includes a 12-foot lean-to around the front and side of the building with a concrete floor under it. Once that is in place, they can complete the siding of the building. Folkestad said they perform work on the building as they can pay for it.

While not complete, the recent construction has brought strong support. They grew their youth archery program from just 12 members to 40 members last year. In the winter, Folkestad said they have members coming out to shoot indoors on a daily basis.

With 359 members there's a fair amount of league action as well as private shooting going on. If you've never visited, the club will also be hosting sight in days in late October and early November. The club is located east of Wadena off County Road 4. Look for the signs and listen for the blasts.