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Ice fishing access improvements on Twin Lakes

The Lower Twin Lakes public riparian access saw improvements in preparation for the ice fishing season recently. Submitted photo

Volunteers recently placed rock at a Lower Twin Lake public riparian access to make an improved and safer access point for ice anglers.

The rounded entrance/exit on to Lower Twin Lake was formed with larger rocks covered in smaller rocks. This will make it easier to bring various sized fish houses on and off the lake for wintertime enjoyment, according to Cliff Busch, a volunteer on the project.

"While we did appreciate the Blueberry Township Board obtaining an aquatic weed control permit, at this time the permit did not allow us to go straight out from the access," Busch said in a news release. "To remove dead aquatic weeds along the shore would have little or no value; it was just too much work in 2 feet of muck. So, we decided that was a no go. We continue to work with DNR aquatic weed control specialist to come up with a revised plan that will allow us to go straight out like all other public or private access points on the lake with the least amount of lake bottom disruption."

This access is located on River Lake Drive off of Lodge Drive on the southern edge of Lower Twin.

Volunteers said the access is wide enough to allow for large houses to come and go.