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Shooting sports highlight for Forkhorn Field Day

The Forkhorn Field Day was held Sunday, Aug. 28. All the students that signed up attended this year's event. The shooting sports were the highlight of the day and the winners were as follows: The archery contest was won by Dillon Holitti and by Ally Werhan. The Trap Shooting winners were Dylan Waln and Madyson Moats. The 10 Shot Rifle shooting was won by Chase Nordlund and Madyson Moats. The Egg Shooting was won by Logan Wegscheid and Ally Werhan.

The gun winners are listed below:

Marlin 795-22: Kayla Meeks

Savage 243: Bred Salo

Marlin 795-22: Madyson Moats

Savage 243: Beeddon Holitti

Marlin 279-22: Katlyn Anderson

Savage 270: Allyson Werhan

H&R break 243: Charlie Bushinger

Everyone attending took home a prize. After all of the presentations a lunch was served to those who attended the event.