The Wadena County Fairgrounds announced a change in the procedure for ticket sales for the Wojo Rodeo at the Fairgrounds on Aug. 7 and 8.

They announced they had to make changes to their COVID-19 safety and preparedness plan to satisfy the Minnesota State Attorney General’s Office and the Minnesota Department of Health.

In the Facebook post, they stated they have created three seating sections, each with their own entrance, exit, bathroom and concession stands.

Rodeo entrance for the Wadena County Fairgrounds.
Rodeo entrance for the Wadena County Fairgrounds.

The main grandstand area is Section 1, Section 2 will be on the west side of the pulling track, using the west pit gate to enter. Section 3 is the east side of the pulling track and will enter using the pit gate on the east side of the fenceline.

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The main change is that tickets are only on sale in advance and can be purchased online at

The maximum amount of tickets that may be purchased in one section is six. The Fairgrounds are asking spectators to print their tickets and have their receipts ready on your phone as you enter for them to scan to gain admittance to the event.

“Please keep in mind that we are doing our best to keep people safe in the way the government is expecting us to do so,” the Wadena County Fairgrounds said in the post. “We know some of you will be upset, but these decisions are now beyond our control. Please don’t suggest we simply turn our event into a peaceful protest. We can have a successful event if we all just follow the guidelines put in place with our safety plan and if you are unhappy with this situation, it would be a good idea to follow up with our elected officials and let them know how you feel.”

The event is scheduled to begin at 6:30 p.m., with the grandstand opening at 5 p.m. Ticket sales will go through the middle of the event.