PROGRESS 2020: Pizza Hut's rad changes bring people home

Pizza Hut Lights.JPG
The updated Pizza Hut includes new lighting fixtures that harken back to the classic style Pizza Huts with the theme of red and white checkers. Rebecca Mitchell/Pioneer Journal

The Wadena Pizza Hut has recently returned to its classic glory. The changes began in the five to six months following May 28, 2019 when the new owners from Comes Investments bought the Pizza Hut location, according to general manager Karen Anderson.

Comes Investment purchased five locations in the area, although the changes are a Pizza Hut corporate initiative to return to the basics, according to owner and president of Comes Investments, Inc. Joe Comes. The classic look brings people to childhood memories, to home in a way, and for Comes this is also seen in one of the added display pictures. His father Frank Comes is in a black and white image with Pizza Hut Pete. The pictures come from corporate and Comes Investments, with their 49 year Pizza Hut history, according to Comes.

“It’s something that I grew up with since I was a kid,” Comes said about the return of the 1980s style.

Pizza Hut Vintage Picture.JPG
Pizza Hut also added vintage, historical pictures in the dining room area. Rebecca Mitchell/Pioneer Journal


The first change was repainting the exterior of the building, according to Anderson. The other changes include redone booths with red and white checkered tablecloths, stained glass lighting fixtures, vintage pictures and three TV screens.

“I really like the table clothes, it dresses up our dining room, I feel,” Anderson said. “It’s just been fun because obviously it’s definitely attributed to our business because our sales have picked up, people like to get out and see the changes.”

Comes also looks forward to business in the summer when more people will see the changes.

“We haven’t done a lot of business in Minnesota so sales have been great considering this cold, nasty weather so we assume that … sales traffic would just get better as things warm up,” Comes said.

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