Paranormal North: Episode 1, The Vergas Hairy Man

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Hairy Man Illustration courtesy of the Historical and Cultural Society of Clay County
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The Vergas Trails can be a beautiful sight during the fall months but is something lurking just beyond the trees?

Hear the full story behind a local legend that's said to stalk the minimum maintenance roads surrounding Vergas, Minnesota. For nearly 50 years, area residents have called the Bigfoot-like creature the Vergas Hairy Man. "Paranormal North" does a deep dive into the violent attacks and numerous theories surrounding the supposed beast and introduces you to some of the people who've tried tracking it.

Hosts Matt Hopper (WDAY promotions producer) and Davin Wait (Historical and Cultural Society of Clay County communications manager) combine their backgrounds in news and history to bring spooky stories from Minnesota and North Dakota to life.

Listen to Paranormal North: Episode 1 here.


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