Your Letters: The people of Wadena are the biggest treasure

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Dear Editor,

As my husband and I pack up to move to a new phase in our life this week our hearts are full of gratitude and love for this wonderful area! Over two decades ago we took a chance on life in a small town and we never regretted that choice! Our three sons all graduated from Wadena-Deer Creek Schools and they all went on to great careers largely due to encouragement from the educators we are blessed with!

We have been lucky enough to be business owners on Main Street for 15 years at Hometown Crafts and Fabrics. The creativity, joy and caring we experienced with employees and customers was so marvelous each and every day. How exciting that we look forward to years of shopping at Hometown Crafts with new owner Dawn Lundgren at the helm!!

We also have been fortunate to support Tri-County Health Care for all these years. It has been exciting to be a part of the growth and expansion of this system. And the richness of our faith experience in Wadena is unparalleled as we truly experienced faith leaders who deeply care about everyone in the area.

The people of the area are truly the biggest treasure and we take so many memories with us. We have learned how to care for neighbors in need, how to support youth activities for our children and just how exciting it is to see Wadena's businesses grow and expand. What a great time it is to live in this area. This truly is an amazing town and we thank you so much for all your kindness and care!! We look forward to keeping in touch and wish all of you only the best in the future.


Thank you!!

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