Mitchell: Adjusting to your needs

Tri-County Health Care Doctor of Chiropractic Carissa Mitchell says an appointment with her could change your entire outlook on life.

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Dr. Carissa Mitchell, Doctor of Chiropractic at Tri-County Health Care. (Submitted photo, 2021)

Have things felt a little off lately? Do you have some uncommon aches and pains? Are heating pads not cutting it? Maybe it is time to try something a little different.

I am Carissa Mitchell, Doctor of Chiropractic at Tri-County Health Care. Chiropractic care is brand new here and I’m so excited to be back home helping people. I’m from Sebeka originally and I love the area!

The people are so unique and hardworking here. Unfortunately, that hard work often comes with complications. The factory workers, farmers and laborers in the area need accessible chiropractic care. These are the kind of people that like to “walk it off.” You don’t need to suffer in silence. An appointment with me could change your entire outlook on life. The chronic pain or mobility problem that’s been plaguing you could dissipate with a simple adjustment.

Chiropractic services are not just for the roughnecks of the world. You would be amazed by the wide range of people that can benefit from a meeting with a chiropractor. Musculoskeletal issues can affect anyone. Pain knows no gender, age or career, and I encourage everyone to do a self-check-in. Ask yourself, am I having difficulty standing up straight? Does it hurt when I turn my neck? Am I struggling to do household chores?

People tell me daily, “I wish I had done this sooner.” Most people seek out chiropractic care when they have pain that becomes too annoying or interferes with their daily life. You can get adjusted at any time for wellness and mobility, not just pain. My youngest patient has been just hours old and my oldest is in their 90's. The majority of my patients are in their 30's to 50's. Chiropractic care is for everyone!


Get back to what you love

I enjoy seeing people light up when they do something they couldn’t do before. Sometimes pain keeps a person from a sport or hobby. Sometimes it's a simple task like laundry. We tend to take a lot for granted until we are limited. I love helping my patients live their lives the way they want.

Walk, move, stretch, strengthen, drink your water and get adjusted.

Carissa Mitchell is a Doctor of Chiropractic at Tri-County Health Care in Wadena.

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