Your letters: To people who fly an offensive flag

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We are three Wadena County residents in three different areas of the county.

While enjoying lunch at the Pirate's Den the conversation between us almost exclusively turned to the flags which are being flown by some in the county which reads (F*ck Biden) that the F word is spelled out for everyone to see.

We understand the freedom one has to fly such a flag if it's out of sight of the passing public because of its vulgarity.

Do our precious school children have to see this? Does our elderly in the community have to also see this after attending church services or going for a road trip? Do we who reside here have to be ashamed whenever relatives come to visit? What is wrong with people who fly such an offensive flag, have they no dignity or shame?


Whatever side of the aisle you are on - no one should be subjected to this vulgarity! We used to believe Wadena County was better than this. The FCC requires words to be censored while on TV, yet we have to be subjected to these filthy words every day!

What steps can be taken to eliminate the community of those vulgar flags? It's shameful for our kids, our elderly, our visitors and all the rest of us who have to see this whenever we leave our homes.

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