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Your letters: No use in doing nothing

This letter was submitted to the Wadena Pioneer Journal by a reader. It does not necessarily reflect the views of the Wadena Pioneer Journal. To submit a letter, email or mail it to Wadena Pioneer Journal, 12 Colfax Ave. SW, Suite #2, Wadena, MN 56482.

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Dear Editor:

Regarding the letter submitted by Eugene Morthberg of Wadena, subject: Wadena County being “The Worst County in Minnesota.”

I checked out the article from , finding that distinction comes from exactly three metrics: life expectancy, poverty rate and percentage of adults who are college graduates. Obviously, I disagree with the premise.

Like a lot of garbage clickbait on the internet that becomes an easy headline in corporate media, it lacks any sensible analysis. Consider that the City of Wadena, our primary economic hub, lies in the southwest corner of the county. This specific geography allows successful, healthy college graduates who work in our town to reside in rural Todd and Otter Tail.

However, if this a matter of civic pride, and Wadena County being on this list upsets you, there are solutions to each metric. Support local, state and national candidates who are invested in health and education outcomes. There is no use in throwing up your hands in disgust and doing nothing.

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