Your letters: Author has done her COVID research

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Dear Editor,

I recently received a pamphlet in the mail from Tri-County Health Care titled Healthy Times Summer 2021. There is an article in it that I found to be very unprofessional, given the fact that it came from a health care facility. It was a short article about Rachel Redig, M.D. getting her covid shot. It concludes by saying that "Dr. Redig is alive and well. She didn't grow a third arm or sprout wings."

While I'm relieved that she didn't grow a third arm or sprout wings , or even gain a third eye if you want to be that childish, but I found this kind of rhetoric to be flippant and very unprofessional. I am also a customer of TCHC. It may surprise TCHC that some of us aren't worried about gaining a third limb from a covid shot, rather we have done some research on our own. Herd immunity includes people who have had a virus and recovered. Something the vaccine makers choose to disregard.

There are some of us out there that have a deep ethical disgust for vaccines or medicines made from, or tested on aborted fetuses and their cells, yet their true potential as children of God is not recognized. Something terrible has happened to society that cares so little about something so horrible.

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