Letter: Wadena needs to honor promise not to assess property owners for hospital move

This is your City Council that says one thing and does the exact opposite. You people who live in northwest Wadena with gravel streets and no city water or sewer – beware, it will soon be your turn.

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WADENA — After reading the letter written by Ed and Joy Waln published in the Jan. 19 paper, I have decided to expand on their disapproval of the actions of the Wadena City Council.

At no time in the ongoing process were the landowners on Greenwood Avenue given any notice that a large assessment would be coming their way, so the newly constructed hospital would have adequate water and sewer service.

Several times during the past year it has been quoted that no charges would be made to those landowners. As a multiple land owner on that proposed route, the question I have is, why would I want water and sewer service to the 34 rental storage units located on Greenwood Avenue? Why would I want an assessment on a parcel of property that is 90% swamp?

Those assessments were just short of $21,000. About five years ago, this same City Council assessed my family $22,000 for a water leak under Highway 10 on a 20-year abandoned water line. That assessment is in the process of being paid in yearly installments. Does this seem fair to you as residents of the City of Wadena?

This is your City Council that says one thing and does the exact opposite. You people who live in northwest Wadena with gravel streets and no city water or sewer – beware, it will soon be your turn.


Tri-County Hospital came to the city to make access to the new hospital for ambulance service and easier access to people coming from the north, at no cost to the residents of Greenwood Avenue. It was said at the last council meeting that they were looking 100 years from now and what could be built by then. It was said several times in that meeting.

There is a 50-5O chance that I will not be at that meeting in 100 years to discuss those assessments. But they might not be there either.

As a family business owner in Wadena and supporter of this community for the past 68 years I urge the people of Wadena to call your city administrator at 218-631-7707 ( Kim Schroeder) or the mayor of Wadena (George Deiss) and express your opinion. Whether for or against. I really don't care!

Other landowners on this route are longtime residents and business owners in our city. I will withhold their names for their protection. As for our personal opinion (Jim & Tracey) we feel this vote should be revisited by the City Council and the mayor and they should do the thing that they promised the landowners of Greenwood Avenue and also Third Street Northwest.

That being the elimination of any property assessments, as those assessments will by no means benefit any and all landowners as stated in documents received that say they will. How will having to raise the rent on my storage unit renters benefit the 34 renters? How will water and sewer access to a swamp benefit or increase the value of the swamp? Please join us in our joint action concerning the city council of Wadena!

In closing this letter of disapproval of a dishonest City Council, my family has come to the realization that they do not want my family living or being in business any longer in their city. They are about to be going to get their wish. Thank you for supporting my family for the past 68 years. May the Lord be with you!

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