To the Editor

It’s October and in a few days the leaves will be off the trees in your woodlots and hunting land. You now will be able to spot an invasive species that will destroy your woodlot and hunting land. This invasive species will crowd out native plants, displace any new trees, and native shrubs. In other words, over a period of time it will completely destroy your woodlot or hunting ground.

Buckthorn is easy to spot once the leaves are off. The bright green leaves are very easy to see. Any one who is thinking of purchasing a woodlot or hunting grounds. They should take a good look at it when the leaves are off the trees. Buying property infested with buckthorn is not a very smart thing to do. Keep in mind if you have buckthorn in your woodlot or hunting ground it is NOT going away. It’s only going to expand and destroy your property. Contact your county soil and water or go on the DNR website for information on the control of buckthorn.

My family has about a 90% control of the buckthorn on the property we own. It took us about 13 years to get to that point. We still spend one to two days each year removing new plants. We will never get to 99% control because birds are bringing buckthorn seed to our forest from other infested property in the area.

John Finnegan