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Your Letters: Poston is climate change denier

One of the votes held recently in the Minnesota House of Representatives was particularly telling. It wasn't to allocate money. It wasn't to advance policy, really. It was a simple resolution recognizing the role humans have played in climate change:

"The Legislature finds and declares that greenhouse gas emissions resulting from human activities are a key cause of climate change."

The resolution passed with 79 votes - all 75 democrats and four republicans

voted in favor. Five republicans did not cast a vote.

Fifty republicans voted against the resolution recognizing human contribution to climate change. Among them was the representative of this district, John Poston. Considering the makeup of our district and the scientifically proven impact climate change has on farmers, you'd think he'd have enough concern about the environment to recognize humanity's role in global warming.

Also, if you're keeping track of such things, Poston has in this session, voted against the Equal Rights Amendment referendum, against the hands-free driving bill, and now against a resolution recognizing humanity's role in climate change.

Who does he think he's representing?

Kevin Klawitter