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Your Letters: Minnesota nice

Well we all seen a lot of "Minnesota Nice" the last two weeks. Minnesota Congresswoman Omar made Anti-Semitic remarks. Then David Duke, the head of the Klu Klux Klan, a known Anti-Semitic, came out and endorsed our Congresswoman Omar and said what a great lady she was.

Then Louis Farrakhan, a known Anti-Semitic, and Nation of Islam leader, endorsed her also and said she was a great lady. The Minnesota Democratic Socialist Party of Minnesota has been awful quiet when it comes to this situation. Makes you wonder where they stand? Do they support this congresswoman and her friends David Duke and Louis Farrakhan? Have you noticed how quiet our Attorney General Keith Ellison is on this subject? Where does he stand on this subject? How come our Governor Walz is so quiet and where does he stand?

This is a different party then the one my family supported in the 40s, 50s and 60s. I am a life NRA member and can remember when well over half the Democrats got an "A" on their voting record on gun bills. I doubt if there will be any that will get above an" F" the next election.

If this congresswoman is allowed to keep her job after these remarks, then Minnesota is lost, and may become another California with high taxes, increased drug problems, homelessness, gun control bills, and people leaving the state.

John Finnegan