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Letter to editor: Signs are unique

My wife, Donna, and I went to the State Fair this year. We stayed in St. Paul and hailed a ride to the fairgrounds. Our driver chatted with us during the drive and eventually asked where we were from. "Wadena," we replied, "do you know where that is?"

He said, "Yes, I drive through your town often on my way to visit a friend up north. Wadena has great entrance signs. I love the Art Deco design."

He said he drives into town from the east on Highway 10 and then heads north on Highway 71. I told him that if he likes that design, he should take a minute to drive downtown to see the Cozy Theater and, if the timing was right, to take in the Memorial Auditorium - both display Art Deco features. Beauty is certainly in the eye of the beholder. If you don't care for Wadena's entrance signs, so be it. They are unique and they are noticed.

Dan Sartell