Letter: Thankful for Good Samaritan


Thank you a thousand times to Josh from Verndale for stopping to help our client Leroy when you saw him fall on the ice on Sunnybrook Road. Thank you for helping him up and into your truck and bringing him back to his Parkwood home. Leroy has a mission to rid our neighborhood of stray branches, pine cones and any debris outdoors, and is a one-man 'Litter Watch." He was on his way to retrieve something he had spotted when you saw him fall. His injuries were minor and we are grateful for that, but we know there could have been a more serious outcome if not for your Good Samaritan aid. It's people like you who embody our reputation of Minnesota Nice and remind us of how fortunate we are to live in a small town where people care about each other and never think twice about stopping to help a person in need. Thank you!

Ruth Bode,

Share-A-Home, Parkwood staff and clients