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Letter: Wadena should witness for all faiths

In the Pioneer Journal article on Zeus it was fascinating to see him referred to as an actual deputy for the Wadena County Sheriff's Office. It was also interesting that he had been named after one of the most powerful gods in human history. This can be mentioned because god has become a subject of letters to the editor uncomfortably often over recent years. And, in a clarifying editorial the PJ emphasized that it has a responsibility to uphold the first amendment by allowing readership to express itself freely.

So, it is time to point out that insistent praise of any god eventually becomes an intrusion since there are different gods for different people. At least 2,500 deities have been recorded through history. No single god merits more press than others. Yahweh, Allah, Brahman, Loki, Janus, Manasa and Enlil have also seemed absolutely glorious and loving to many people at times.

Since Wadena continues seeing this public witness for one faith it implies an opportunity to witness for all faiths. But, more importantly it emphasizes the need for discussion which relies entirely on the precious tools of reason and rationality which are valued by the greater majority of people.

Kent Scheer,