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Letter: Stories needed for book

So now you are wondering what this means.

Answer: This is an open invitation to anyone who would like to contribute material for a book that I am putting together for our Kirkbride Castle.

For those who don't know me I will introduce myself. My name is Shirlee Taylor. I am an Author with several books to my name. Dear John: Minnesota's True Murder Mystery and I Wear Purple For My Grandmother are my most recent. Writing is my passion. The Fergus Falls State Hospital aka Kirkbride Castle is another passion.

What I am looking for:

• personal stories of experiences inside the walls or on its grounds

• names and dates of family members who may have lived and or died within its walls

• stories from staff members

• pictures

• little known tidbits about our Kirkbride

• Anything really that can portray this beautiful facility from a personal level. Give her life, if you will.

If you want to honor your family members, ancestors, or friends who had crossed her threshold, they should be included. Names, dates, bios, whatever you are comfortable contributing.

You can contact through snail mail and I will give you my email address for privacy purposes and more efficient communications. Most of all, please share this. Spread the word.

Thank you.

Shirlee Taylor,

Deer Creek