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We reap what we sow

A new year and taxpayers' money is still going to the big money making abortion business of Planned Parenthood. If PP took care of women's health without killing babies, they'd be ok.

We all started as babies with God giving us the right to life. God did not give a woman the right to choose to kill her baby - man made that right up and man is not above God.

A 1970 medical book states, "the term fetus is commonly used to mean any unborn baby." From the moment of conception a woman is going to have a baby girl or baby boy - abortion is the killing of a baby girl or baby boy, a child of God's with the right to life.

Eternity is forever and who would want to spend it in the wrong place?

Thank God for Trump and Pence who have the enormous task of undoing eight years of damage done to America and Americans. The president and vice president are true Americans who believe in America and her traditions and values and believe in our Constitution.

The former president wanted and still wants America turned into a Muslim country. People were deceived and did not know or did not care about the guy's true agenda.

God knows what is going on here and how his people are behaving and will only put up with so much for so long. We reap what we sow and that is getting more evident.

May God be with us all.

Elaine Byman,