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Your letters - Oct. 2 edition

Sieling will bring integrity to position

From an early age, my father's lessons were instilled in me and continue to guide me as I live and raise my own family. We camped - almost every weekend in the summers - and every Sunday as we packed up, my father would remind us all to leave the campsite better than when we found it.

Clearly, Jay Sieling lives a similar philosophy, and I know with complete confidence that he will arrive and work with diligence to make Minnesota better in the years ahead. I have known Jay for the past ten years and have seen his leadership and commitment to improving education and healthcare for "greater Minnesota." The values with which he has raised his own three children, teaching perseverance, humility, and a strong work ethic, serve as an example for raising ours. These values are at the core of what he will take to St. Paul.

Jay Sieling will bring needed integrity to this position as he represents us and will create a better tomorrow. Please do your part by voting for Jay Sieling in November so that he can start working to make this great community an even better place!

Sara Kosters

Alexandria, Minn.

Wolverine footballers fun to watch

Wikipedia defines the Wolverine as a solitary animal which has a reputation for ferocity and strength out of proportion to its size with documented ability to bring down prey, aka opponents, many times larger than its size.

This definition reflects and emulates our Wolverine football team, except for the term "solitary." It seems that when you see one Wolverine, you will find three to four, grabbing whatever appendage left available to bring down a ball carrier in the true spirit of teamwork.

These young men are fun to watch! They make plays, play every down and give 100 percent the whole game. They will not overwhelm you with size but they will impress you with their competitiveness and team play.

Sept. 19 was one of the best nights of football that I can remember; and we lost 22-20. it was a nice night for football - a few mosquitos and Osakis had come to town to play. Osakis came out fast and our Wolverines made some mistakes which put us in a hole 14-0 in the first quarter as osakis capitalized and scored on two of our mistakes. This group of young men kept making plays, playing a down at a time and found themselves in the game at the wire with a couple of opportunities to win!

This speaks volumes for the coaching staff and for the players themselves.

The atmosphere at the game was fantastic - civic groups grilling burgers before the game, Holly Becker and her cheerleaders during the game, Ms. Weniger and the pep band during the game and bleachers three quarters full or more of Wolverine parents and fans (always room for more) reminded me of football of old when Friday night football was the biggest thing around.

The Wolverines have one more scheduled game at home on Oct. 3 against long Prairie/Grey Eagle, which is Homecoming. I encourage you to come out and watch these young men play and also enjoy the Wolverine football atmosphere. The Wolverines are competitive and an excellent representation of our community. Let's get behind the Wolverines and keep our team headed in the right direction; winning is contagious, let's show some Wolverine Pride!

Kevin Lohmiller

Wadena, Minn.

When is help for flood coming?

I am writing this letter to raise awareness of yet another severe weather event in Wadena. However, this one is much more under the radar of community consciousness and response than the 2010 tornado.

On July 10, Wadena received about five inches of rain in a few short hours and we, in turn, had over a foot of water in our basement, followed by an electrical fire caused by water in the electrical system, and then a sewer back up. A sump pump has been running 24/7 since, but the water has never been completely eliminated. Our once-finished, comfortable basement now has nothing left in it - no carpet, walls, furniture, appliances or even a furnace. All were ruined by the water. Now mold is covering the walls and ceiling and is inside the heat ducts. This mold is causing adverse affects on our physical health. Also, there is only sporadic useable electricity throughout the house and there is evidence of the house settling/shifting, with cracks showing up and doors no longer able to be closed.

Neither the city nor our homeowners insurance will give any financial assistance because they say there is no flood coverage. All of this has caused a huge amount of emotional distress.

This was not a flood in the truest definition of the word. It was a collection of unfortunate circumstances: a heavy downpour, already saturated soil because of an unusually wet summer, a very high water table in parts of Wadena and a storm sewer system which is outdated and inadequate.

I have been a homeowner, taxpayer, employee and volunteer in Wadena for many years and am very disappointed we haven't gotten more respectful, compassionate treatment from city officials. If we don't get some action soon, we will be basically homeless.

Where do we turn for help?

Joyce Jampsa

Wadena, Minn.

Vote Republican to protect marriage, sexuality

"We do not need to protect marriage, as it is already protected in our Minnesota's State Constitution". How many times last election cycle did we hear John Ward and Joe Radinovich (along with every DFL running for office) say this? It was their mantra, well how did that work for us? One of the first things our legislators attacked was re-defining marriage. Our great state has removed references to husband and wife as this is insensitive and now illegal to have on public documents, as well as father and mother. Thanks John and Joe.

We also can thank them for the "bullying bill", which does not protect all children and the "ban on conversion therapy," which makes it a criminal offense to sway a child away from homosexuality through counseling. My Bible says, "Train up a child in the way they should go..." Yes we have a lot to thank our non-representing Representatives for.

Words have meaning - like husband and wife, father and mother, and so does your vote. Choose wisely in November.

Doug Kern

Brainerd, Minn.

Sieling will do what's right for everyone

We have known Jay Sieling for over 20 years. He has been an integral part of our family for all that time. Jay has involved himself in community and church in many ways. He was on staff at Calvary for about five years as assistant youth director, as well as teaching Sunday school, confirmation, filling in for pastors as confirmation presenter, playing in our worship band, serving on our call committee and many other activities when asked. He is a very conscientious person.

Jay is highly qualified for House Representative. He listens carefully to both sides. Jay entered this race because he cares deeply for our area and its people. As a man of integrity, he believes there's too much divisive rhetoric in politics. We can count on him to do what is right for everyone.

Your vote is important. Vote for Jay Sieling for State House 8B.

Bill and Sandy Buckner


Vote for Anderson in November

Thank goodness we are represented by Rep. Mark Anderson, a common-sense man who understands the issues which impact local farmers at a time when so many other elected officials are simply out of touch.

Take property taxes, for example. Farmers in our area are getting the shaft because of new tax policies Democrats enacted in St. Paul. An undue burden is now placed on agricultural land and reports show taxes on our farm land are projected to rise by nearly five percent. Mark Anderson opposed this tax increase and continues supporting a more proportional approach for the tax value of agricultural land.

Another issue which recently arose puts more federal regulations and higher costs on farmers by expanding the EPA's reach. The EPA customarily had jurisdiction over "navigable waters" but now that definition could be changed to include standing waters. That means our drainage ditches could be subject to federal restrictions. The bureaucrats in Washington, D.C. would be regulating our melted snow or rain water in low spots. Although that is a federal issue, Mark Anderson has been a voice of reason on this topic at the state level and opposes unnecessary, excessive government overreach.

Please join me in voting for Rep. Anderson this November so we can continue to have a House member who not only understands the people he represents, but goes to bat for us in St. Paul.

John and Bev Finnegan

Wadena, Minn.

Vaccination rates alarming in Wadena County

I was looking at the Minnesota Department of Health's vaccine rates by county and I discovered that Wadena County has the highest rate of contentious objections for vaccinations on children entering kindergarten and seventh grade in the state. This is incredibly alarming.

Vaccines are one of the safest, most effective health interventions out there, but they require a large vaccinated population to be effective. We are seeing the detrimental results of poor vaccination rates in California, where a vicious pertussis outbreak in a community with low vaccination rates took the lives of three infants.

I know that there is a lot of scary information on the internet masquerading as expert advice, but I urge all parents to talk to their doctors to get real, evidence based information about vaccines. Let's protect our children and our community by getting those vaccine rates up!

Stephanie Rodriguez-Moser, IBCLC, RLC

Brainerd, Minn.