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Starting in February, every third Friday will be a day to pick up craft kits from the library.

Circle with art objects and words, "Let's Create."
Let's Create is a take and make program with crafts, writing prompts, book lists and a short learning corner.
Contributed / Lillian Norman

There have been a good many cold and snowy nights since the beginning of January, and as we head into February, there will only surely be more. Starting in February, every third Friday will be a day to pick up craft kits from the library. That is right; the Take-and-Make Program, called “Let’s Create” is beginning!

To remind you all, the program involves kits which have supplies for crafts that you can take home and complete alone or with kids. There will also be a handout with writing prompts, book lists and a short learning corner in each kit as well as an instruction sheet for both crafts. This program through the library will let the community’s creativity shine through!

Now that the program is going to begin, there is another project I would like to mention, get community feedback, and perhaps even hear from some of you who may be interested in getting involved. This project surrounds community conversations, typically called ‘lyceums.’ These community conversations would be events where people could connect with one another over food and drink, while talking about thought-provoking topics. Each community conversation event would have a different topic and host a different speaker which would fit its topic. Those participating in the event would split into discussion groups where one person leads the group through questions that help each other explore the topic.

A woman smiling in a park.
Lillian Norman, Lead for Minnesota fellow in Wadena with a focus on artisan based economic development.
Contributed / Lillian Norman

Lastly, I would once again like to invite those reading this to chime in with what sorts of public art you would like to see around town, especially as it relates to the puzzle murals up around town. Those murals are a great part of the town’s history and it would be wonderful to see them once again restored to their previous splendor. If there are some murals that you would like to restore in particular, or some part of Wadena’s identity that you think should be commemorated with a piece of public art, contact me! I would love to hear from the community or spend time with you talking with you about your idea. There are so many creative ways to show off the assets that this town has to offer, and with your ideas, they become even more possible.

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Lillian Norman is a fellow with Lead for Minnesota serving the city of Wadena on artisan economic development.

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