Lillian Norman: Some creative ways to get involved in the community

I need people who would be interested in working with me on the Take-and-Make kit program that I have been running with the Wadena City Library.

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Lillian Norman, Lead for Minnesota fellow in Wadena with a focus on artisan based economic development.
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WADENA — December is a busy month for most people. It is filled to the brim with holiday festivities and also marks the end of the calendar year. Some people leave town to be with their families, and others who stay in town to celebrate and avoid the snow are so occupied with their families that they do not have much time for anything else.

That is why, for this article, I will keep it brief. I will let you know some things to keep an eye out for come January or later, and give you some updates on the projects that I have been working on.

Firstly, in mid-November the trail project that I had been a part of near the new housing development in southeast Wadena, was completed.

As of November, the trail was walkable, so those who are interested in seeing it can come out there to get a look-see. To make the trail more appealing and usable year-round, I and others are seeking further funding to build a boardwalk on the trail.

Secondly, the survey to receive community input for the purpose of constructing a Creative Community Plan will most likely be sent out sometime next month in January, so look out for that.


As I have emphasized many other times in these articles, your voice as a community member really does matter. How you participate and the degree of your participation can truly affect this area’s future. The survey will only take 10 minutes or so to complete, and there will also be an online version of the survey if you would prefer to take it on your phone or computer.

Lastly, I would like to put out a call here in this article for people who would be interested in working with me on the Take-and-Make kit program that I have been running with the Wadena City Library.

As many of you may be aware, my service term in Wadena is up at the end of July, but if possible, I would like to see this program continue on even when I am gone. If you would be interested in working with me on the kits at some point before July and then eventually taking over the program from me, give me a shout.

Unlike me, this is a program that you can take over with a pair of friends or a team of folks — so do not think that you have to go it alone like I do. Also, you would have access to all of the materials that I have used since I began the program early this year, so you would have records to look back on as well.

Those are the bigger updates that I wanted to leave you with before you enjoy the holidays. I hope that everyone has a wonderful winter season and I look forward to greeting you all again next month, the first month of 2023.

(Lillian Norman is a Lead for Minnesota Fellow with the Wadena Development Authority, with a focus on artisan based economic development)

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