Johnson: What's up with that e-paper? A lot actually.

New additions to e-pages have expanded the national news coverage for the Wadena PJ, but your local news is still there.

The e-paper archive takes you to past and present issues of the Wadena Pioneer Journal and the new "Nation Plus" national news editions available each day of the week.

We've had a couple readers reach out to us in recent weeks about changes to our e-paper. E-paper readers will notice that they can view a new e-paper every day of the week. We're glad to be able to provide national news coverage to your device whether in the office, in the tractor or where ever you happen to be. This new feature is called "Nation Plus" and appears in all dates except Thursdays. Thursdays are still reserved for your local newspaper.

That being said, we hear from readers that they don't need or want all that extra stuff. They just want the local news coverage that they expect from the Wadena Pioneer Journal. The good news is that element still exists.

If you've never checked out the e-paper, head on over to and click on the gold e-paper icon in the upper right hand corner. Upon clicking that button, the most recent e-paper will open. If it's Thursday, you'll be viewing the Wadena Pioneer Journal's latest edition (with every page in full color), if it's any other day, you'll be viewing "Nation Plus". For example, Wednesday's edition had stories about a young girl being rescued following an earthquake in Turkey, a story about the life of James Bond actor Sean Connery, the state of the COVID-19 vaccine, a hurricane belting Nicaragua, a recipe for tempura and a page devoted to national sports coverage.

"But Michael, I don't care what's going on in the country," someone once told me. I hear ya. If you open the e-paper on any other day than Thursday, go over to the far right corner of the page where you will see three stacked lines, called menu. Click that and it opens up a drop down menu. Click archive. You then pick the most recent Thursday date and it takes you to the latest issue of the Pioneer Journal.

If you're subscribed to the Pioneer Journal with a digital-only membership you have access to the local paper and Nation Plus in the e-paper. You have access to the website where the daily news from Wadena and the entire Midwest are populated as the news happens. And if you have a paper subscription, you get the digital access too. You even have access to a couple dozen other newspapers within Forum Communications with your subscription. Got a star athlete granddaughter in Duluth? Maybe a cousin in Willmar? Want to hear the fishing conditions in Bemidji? Need sporting results from NDSU or UND? You can get it all here.


"But Michael, I don't have a computer or a cell phone or internet and I don't want those things," some people have shared with me in the past.

I too dream of a life where internet is not in the picture. A life where we aren't so dependent on our cell phones. A place where we have to write letters and send them in the mail rather than just "meme" at somebody on social media. A land free of Tweets and emojis. Those were the days.

But here we are, nearly 21 years into the 21st century.

If you don't want all that we are providing in our digital membership I'll bet you know someone who does.

The e-paper is a fun way to view the paper. Sure I like the feel of the physical paper, you have to if you're in this business. But the e-paper allows you to see every page in color. You can crop and make clippings that you can print out just like the real paper except with a higher quality image.

The e-paper even lets you download pages that you can send to your family and friends faster than they could even get it by mail.

What's more, instead of keeping that giant stack of newspapers on hand, you can access the e-paper archive where all the papers are kept from 2020 and back into 2019.

If you have any questions about how any of the features of our e-paper work, don't hesitate to give us a call at 218-631-2561.


Michael Johnson, Wadena Pioneer Journal editor

Michael Johnson is the news editor for Agweek. He lives in rural Deer Creek, Minn., where he is starting to homestead with his two children and wife.
You can reach Michael at or 218-640-2312.
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