There are plenty of doctor visits I’d rather have gone without during this pandemic—ones that had nothing to do with a COVID-19 illness.

I’m a relatively healthy person, and going to the doctor is usually the last thing on my list. But suddenly once a week for six weeks, I had to go in for a different test or to new doctors.

I followed that delay of care habit for a few days before taking any action on the process of feeling better. Each visit showed me how nurses and doctors are caring for their patients exquisitely. When I saw how they wanted to care for me in the process, I was confident they were following pandemic precautions.

You become familiar with the temperature and symptoms checks, and making sure you can be heard through your mask. As you’re sharing personal information even in the lobby with your date of birth and address, this was definitely a challenge. Oddly, though, I was also grateful that my scared face wouldn’t be seen the whole time—besides the important factor of keeping one another safe, of course.

In the long process, it’s important to fight for your health.

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Recently, Joel Beiswenger of Tri-County Health Care said, “Let’s not let the last year extend into another year where then people suffer for years beyond that because of the situation.” With social distancing arrows and the staff’s familiarity of personal protective equipment he shared, “We are safe, it’s OK to come to the health system, to the clinic, to your doctor. We have this figured out.”

You might be wondering how you are supposed to know this is true when many places say they are the safest and it’s OK to go out. I can’t convince you, and won’t try, but I know the healthcare industry has been leading the fight against the pandemic and that through the precautions, I was safely cared for. Thank you to every staff member who risks being there to care for people.

The healthcare industry hasn’t forgotten about your care, and each of us shouldn’t either.