To the editor,

At the beginning of September the CDC released the current data on COVID-19. Over 160,000 deaths total. Of that, 6% or approximately 9,600 were those with no comorbidity, they died from COVID-19 itself.

Immediately, opposing views chimed in. One insisted the lethality was significantly lower than claimed. The other insisted all the deaths were from COVID-19, regardless of underlying condition, even making the bold prediction, most of the deaths wouldn't have occurred were it not for COVID-19.

Let's look at this in a different way. Imagine a fighter with 20 bouts after turning pro. All wins. All knockouts. Impressive, huh? Then you find out only one bout was with a notable opponent. The other 19 were out of shape, mediocre, weak, slow and/or significantly lesser in some form. Still impressed? Yet the fighter's management pushes this record, it's still 20 knockouts, right? Would you bet your business on this fighter? Maybe throw in life savings? Not me. I'm not impressed.

What can be surmised from the CDC data is this; COVID-19 preys, but manages to bag mostly the sick and weak. Period.

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Yet here we are. Businesses shuttered. Livelihoods lost. Events cancelled. Mandatory masks. People's lives on hold. Why are we living like this? To say it's following science and safety for the people, is laughable. You know exactly why we're going through this. Wanna bet, COVID-19 magically lifts after Nov. 3rd?

Dennis Fish