Editor Wadena Pioneer Journal:

Regarding Rep. John Poston and climate change etc. I am glad for Rep. Poston's voting, and thankful he thinks things through. No one at the wheel and something goes wrong-there is no one in charge.

Equal rights for whom? He can't vote against the Lord God and expect God's blessings for others or himself. God has said NO to things as they are against His will. Things that bring harm not blessings, and God wants to bless us. Read Romans chapter 1:vs 16-32. Helps understand where some are coming from.

God's rules, law, is not a religion (religions are Methodist, Presbyterian, Catholic, Lutheran, etc.). He is creator, owner, and still in charge of our nation too, get our blessings or His wrath by our disobedience. A loving God who won't put up with our sins. We all need to read the Bible, all is recorded for our benefit. His promise, seek Him and you will find Him (close as air you breathe).

Have a great day. If we all Seek Him first, we all will be better informed. No one is perfect, but God Himself. What He set up in the beginning is still standing, no other God He said, as created all. His laws and rules stand, as He is creator, owner of all, still in charge. Get what we go after, have that choice.

Maxine Erickson