We'll kick off the weekend with highs in the teens Friday and turning even warmer throughout the rest of the weekend. A little breeze for Minnesota and the eastern Dakotas on Saturday with a blustery Sunday for the western Dakotas. A little wave of snow slides through the Northern Plains and Upper Midwest on Sunday.

We close this work week with highs mainly in the teens with more sunshine than clouds.

Saturday morning is looking quite mild. Temperatures in the morning will be warm especially compared to last two weeks of cold we've been experiencing.

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Winds won't be crazy blustery, but a south wind will pick up across Minnesota on Saturday and a southwest breeze can be expected for the eastern Dakotas.

Moving around out on the ice will be a little more pleasant this weekend considering high temperatures will be about 20 to 40 degrees warmer than the last two weekends.

We close out Saturday afternoon with highs in the 20s for most and warmer temps forecast to the west.

Watch for a shot at snow on Sunday. This wave will slide through South Dakota and across the southern half of Minnesota toward Wisconsin. Southeastern North Dakota will have a chance of light snow as well.

Temperatures will get even warmer for Sunday. Highs reach into the 30s for most of the region.