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Bob Jensen carries the cross on Good Friday

Jensen constructed the cross himself and brought his family along for the walk. Michael Denny/Wadena Pioneer Journal1 / 4
Bob Jensen carries the wooden cross from St. Michael's Church in Motley to Sacred Heart in Staples. Michael Denny/Wadena Pioneer Journal2 / 4
The trip required a few stops so he could rest his shoulders. Michael Denny/Wadena Pioneer Journal3 / 4
Jensen was inspired by the actions of past parishioners from his home state of California. Michael Denny/Wadena Pioneer Journal4 / 4

On a beautiful April day complemented by blue skies and warm weather, one man sets out on an eight mile journey to celebrate his faith. Bob Jensen could be seen walking along the side of the road on hwy 210, on his shoulder he balanced a huge wooden cross he constructed himself.

On Good Friday Jensen carries the cross on his back from St.Michael's Church in Motley to Sacred Heart in Staples.This marks the second year Jensen has made the arduous trip. Jensen got the idea to complete the religious task from fellow parishioners at his old church in California. "I thought it would be a good experience, wanted to share that with my kids," said Jensen as he held on to the massive cross. When asked the approximate weight of the cross he had no answer but it was clearly heavy. Several times he had to stop for breaks and to rest his shoulder.

Many people took notice of his act of piety. He received much positive attention with three people stopping on his way to Staples to offer water and Gatorade. With his family in tow Jensen made his way into Staples and onward to Sacred Heart.