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Your letters: Look to elected school officials for answers

"School Choice" is a policy often endorsed by conservative candidates -including the GOP gubernatorial Jeff Johnson - that uses euphemistic language to disguise the destructive nature of those policies towards public schools.

Those who support "school choice" often say it's an alternative to "throwing money at a problem that isn't being fixed" or something of that nature. What isn't being said is that these program by their very nature deprive (already chronically underfunded) public schools of necessary financial resources which would then be diverted to privately-run institutions that neither need the money nor have the same guarantees of equal treatment for students as public schools do.

If you are truly concerned that the funding schools are given isn't being used well, the solution isn't to deprive the schools of that funding, it's to look at the elected officials who create and apply the policies used by the school and see what they can do to change it.

As a candidate for Wadena School Board, if elected, I intend to work with officials at all levels of government to ensure that the schools of Wadena-Deer Creek are not only given the best resources available, but that those resources are used in the most constructive and progressive manner possible.

Kevin Klawitter,