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Letter to editor: Support endorsement process

Regardless of which of the two dominant political parties you support or align with in Minnesota, your endorsement process is being spit upon by a large number of candidates this year.

Yes, all the time and expense of the endorsement process means nothing to the candidates who have forced the primaries on us. They don't think that the people who took the time to become delegates and/or alternates to the various conventions have any idea who would be a good candidate. Most delegates and alternates investigate and question candidates before the various conventions. Maybe some or most of these candidates did not want to answer the questions of the delegates and alternates.

The primary will always favor the candidate who has the most money. Why? Because the more money the more they can pay for advertising on tv, Facebook, Google, Twitter, Messenger, print, etc. And unfortunately, there are many voters who vote for the name they remember, so the more times a candidate's name is seen or heard the more likely to get a vote.

There are candidates who rely on having the most money and better name recognition than the

endorsed candidate. Most people don't remember from one year to the next why a particular name sticks in their head when they step into the voting booth. Support the endorsement process by supporting the endorsed candidates.

Patricia Seifert

Grey Eagle