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Your letters: A response to Byman letter

I have been debating with myself over answering Elaine Byman's letter to the editor of June 21st. I really had better things to do, but her opinions were so out in right field I couldn't let it go by.

Issue No. 1: I'm a Catholic and am against Roe V. Wade, but this is not a Democrat issue, many Republicans feel this way too. I feel for the majority of women who find themselves in this predicament had a choice before this happened. For the others, there has to be different solutions, as adoption.

Issue No. 2: Gay marriage: I personally was not in favor of it because in my view it does not exist, it's just a fantasy.

Issue No. 3: As for homosexual lifestyle, whom am I tell someone how they should live. I'll leave that to a higher power.

As for eliminating Christmas as an official holiday, that will never happen. That is up to "We the People." As for the pledge of allegiance, I've had a problem with that at a very young age. Whenever the situation called for me to say it, I always leave out "justice for all" because that part is a false statement. I stand with the NFL players who see it the way I do.

Your opening statement that the eight years of Obama, radical Left, ACLU and IRS have shown they are against God! Really!

What was so surprising was how the Left was anti-family. You mentioned it should be one man and one woman and yet our current president is on his third wife and is fighting the porn star allegations and possibly more.

I couldn't let the poor immigrant children go by without expressing how ashamed I am of their treatment. It seems like we fight so hard for the child in the womb but not so much when they're born.

Pauline Lease