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Your letters: Support your county fair

Kudos to the Fair Board!

I want to express my appreciation to the Wadena County Fair Board. They have been working hard on planning and preparing for the 2018 County Fair which begins this Thursday. Many of the Fair Board members attend a conference to gain new ideas for performances and activities to help create a fair that truly has something for everyone.

As the liaison to the County Fair Board from the County Commissioners, I have attended many of their meetings and can attest that they work hard to deliberate and plan and then prepare to have a wonderful fair, even with limited resources. Additionally, many Fair Board members also work the concession stand for other events in order to offset some of the expenses for the county fair.

Let's all give our thanks and show our support as we enjoy a myriad of great activities and performances at our local Wadena County Fair!

Chuck Horsager, Sebeka

Wadena County Commissioner