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Letter: Christianity gets more press because of passionate people

Zeus or Jesus seems more like a first century choice, than a 21st century one, but here it is. A recent writer, troubled by uncomfortably frequent references to the Judeo-Christian God in the PJ, expressed relief at seeing the name of another deity (Zeus) in an article about a police dog. He went on to say that of 2,500 deities mentioned in history, only one gets all the press in Wadena, which is an "intrusion." This in spite of first amendment and letters policies that allow all readers of all faiths the right to express themselves freely. The writer ended with what seemed to be a plea for people who value reason and rationality above faith to speak up and witness to what they believe in. This seems to suggest that he finds faith and rationality are mutually exclusive.

However Pastor Hepner's recent faith column outlines how he rationally chose the object of his faith. Lee Strobel found faith while rationally trying to disprove the existence of God. Stephen Hawking acknowledged that God put the laws of the great universe into motion.

Whenever people are free to express what is on their hearts and minds, we will hear most from those who are passionate about something. A famous Bismarck athlete recently was quoted as saying, "I love hunting, football and Jesus, so that's what I talk about."

Zeus, the dog, may get a little more press when he passes, but I don't think he will rise again and be seen by many witnesses. I do know somebody who did.

At any rate, Wadena will continue to see and hear public witness of one faith (in Jesus Christ) much more than others.

Happy Easter to Mr. Scheer, all Wadena and the world.

Dan Toedter,