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WDC students rewarded for positive behavior

Pictured: front, from left: Katelyn Reinke, Abby Hovius, Brynn Hathaway, Kylie Besett and Blake Butler; back, from left: Elias Nelson, Bryce Hopp, Ettore Pinnella, Addison Ames, Logan Seelhammer and Arbrianna Polan. Louis Rutten/WDC Schools.

Wadena-Deer Creek Elementary recently recognized several students for positive behavior as part of the school's PAWS program.

They are Addison Ames, Kylie Besett and Blake Butler, Brynn Hathaway, Bryce Hopp, Abby Hovius, Elias Nelson, Ettore Pinnella, Arbrianna Polan, Katelyn Reinke and Logan Seelhammer.

PAWS (Positive Always ready Working together Safe) supports positive behavior for students in grades K-4.

A student can be nominated by any staff member, not just their teacher. They are nominated for exhibiting positive behavior and helping others.

The students are given a 'yellow ticket' for their positive behavior, which they put it in a bucket that Principal Louis Rutten draws from, usually twice per month. Students get to pick a prize donated by local businesses.