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Your letters - Nov. 30 edition

Don't publish murderers' names

I am requesting that the Wadena Pioneer Journal (and the entire Forum system) adopt a strict, new policy when reporting on gun violence. There is a developing attitude among legacy media that the names of mass murderers should never be published.

A Nov. 16 PJ article titled LITTLE TO NO "RECOIL" listed the full names of two recent perpetrators of abominable mass crimes. In the future, never offer such evil lunatics this recognition. To whatever extent publicity and public acknowledgement operates among the motivators for extraordinarily disturbed people to commit crimes it can be completely negated by the reporting media. Instead, substitute the term "murderer" and much better would be colored or judgmental terms such as "psychopath," "lunatic" and even "loser."

Kent Scheer,


Tax cuts for rich will be paid for by rest of us

The information in this letter comes from Bob Bryan's Nov. 15 article in "Business Insider."

The Republicans' Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is expected to add $1.5 trillion to the federal deficit over 10 years. These deficits cause the Senate's Statutory Pay-As-You-Go (PAYGO) rules to come into effect. These rules were passed to attempt to keep federal deficits under control.

According to these PAYGO rules, the new debt must be offset with spending cuts. The PAYGO rules could not be waived under the reconciliation process being used by the Republicans in which Republicans only need 50 votes.

If PAYGO is not waived, it would trigger automatic cuts to programs like Medicare, agricultural subsidies and federal student-loans. The Congressional Budget Office said the cuts in 2018 would total $136 billion. Some $25 billion would come from Medicare and the other $111 billion from other programs like agricultural subsidies and student loans. On average, the PAYGO rules would force cuts of $150 billion per year. Thus the cuts would increase after 2018.

Is it surprising that the Republicans haven't mentioned these PAYGO rules? Not when you consider the Supreme Court decision called "Citizens United" (decided by the five Republican-leaning justices) which allows the richest Americans and the biggest corporations who are most favored by these tax cuts to spend unlimited amounts of money buying our political system. A strong attempt at government of the rich, by the rich, for the rich.

To find out more about the Senate's Pay-As-You-Go rules google PAYGO.

Robert Peterson,


NFL needs to make players stand for national anthem

The NFL thinks all they have to do is keep the players in the locker room and we will forget and forgive how they disrespected our flag, national anthem and armed services by kneeling. I wonder what former presidents Teddy Roosevelt, Harry Truman and Ronald Reagan would have said about the disrespect these players and NFL have shown toward the United States of America.

The players and the NFL have a right to protest and have a right to keep their players in the locker room. You and I also have the right to protest by not attending or watching NFL football on TV. I will continue to do so like millions of other Americans, until these players stand in respect for flag and country. I hope you will all join us. With the Super Bowl coming to Minneapolis in February, I hope the NFL comes to its senses and puts an end to this stupidity. If they don't millions of us won't be watching.

John Finnegan,


Empty Stocking talent program a success due to volunteers

Thank you to the volunteers who so generously shared their time and talent for the 2107 Empty Stocking talent program. The 91st annual program was a success due to your support. We are very fortunate to have so many talented individuals in our community. Thank you!

Diane Peters,

Talent Coordinator