Lakewood Health System recently added a SmartCurve breast stabilization paddle to complement its mammogram services. The SmartCurve system provides a curved compression surface that better fits the shape of a breast, decreasing discomfort during a mammogram.

The paddle system was added thanks to a partnership between imaging manager Dee Lehner, president and CEO Tim Rice and Lakewood's vendor reps.

The SmartCurve paddle can be used with 2D and 3D mammograms, of which Lakewood has both. The 3D mammogram technology has been revolutionary in the early detection of breast cancer, according to a Lakewood news release. It provides greater visibility for radiologists to see breast details, giving them a better understanding of the breast tissue.

The SmartCurve paddle is a welcome addition to Lakewood’s mammography services, and just in time for Breast Cancer Awareness month which takes place in October.

Lakewood encourages women 40 years old and up, as well as those with a family or personal history of breast concerns, to schedule their mammogram today. You can call 218-898-7465 to schedule.