Temperature and wind chill are not the same. The temperature of the air is how cold it is. Wind chill is based on temperature and wind and is a mathematical calculation designed to approximate the additional cooling effect of wind on exposed human skin. Wind does not make the air colder; it makes people exposed to the wind feel colder. Wind chill is presented as the temperature it would have to be if it were calm for your exposed skin to lose heat as it is in the wind. But your skin must be exposed to the full force of the wind, or that wind chill number doesn't mean much.

If you are bundled up inside a parka, there is no wind chill. If you are in a car, there is no wind chill. Wind chill is not why your car doesn't start. Wind does make your house harder to heat, but the wind chill is not measuring that. Wind chill is specifically for exposed human skin and nothing else.

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