Some 12 or 13 years ago, I planted a flowering crabapple tree in the front yard for a Mother's Day gift. The tree has flourished despite rabbits eating three quarters of the way around the base of the trunk late in March of 2019. For the past several years, the tree has been producing an enormous crop of red crabapples, which linger on the branches through the winter, adding a lovely red accent to the view out the front window.

This hanging fruit also attracts robins, which now spend their winters in my yard eating fruit instead of migrating south to where earthworms can be pulled from the ground even in the dead of winter. The recent cold weather seems to be particularly hard on the robins. They are not seen as often, probably hunkering down in better shelter than my north-facing yard; and when they do make an appearance, their feathers are puffed up like a Columbia parka.

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