Several recent afternoons with temperatures in the 70s sure felt good. With colder weather expected the rest of this week and next, it is likely we have enjoyed the last 70-degree day of 2020.

The average date of the final 70-degree temperature of the year is Oct. 17 for Fargo and Oct. 14 for Grand Forks. The record latest 70-degree temperature in Fargo is Nov. 17, 1952. In Grand Forks, it is Nov. 16, 2016.

Temperatures in the 60s remain statistically likely. The average date of the last 60-degree day is Nov. 1 for Fargo and Oct. 29 for Grand Forks. The latest on record is Dec. 6, 1939, for Fargo and Nov. 22, 2006, for Grand Forks. It is very likely that we will be wearing jackets almost every day until sometime next spring.

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