The 99 degree temperature in Fargo June 7 — it was 100 at the Moorhead airport and 95 in Grand Forks — came as a shock to the system. The weather cooled down quickly, with afternoon temperatures in the low 60s two days later. Since then, the weather has mostly delivered comfortable weather with highs in the 70s. Today it is warm again. This up and down weather is common here in the Northern Plains during summer. However, it is not common to have such variable weather farther south.

Throughout the central and southern U.S., summer weather is not so variable. Temperatures vary from kind of hot to really hot, and severe thunderstorms are rare. Cold fronts do not bring refreshingly cool air from the north. Maybe this is being literary or just romantic, but I suspect the long, hot summers in the South probably add to that lost, lazy summer feeling of relaxation and escapism. Northern Plains summers keep us on our toes.