The temperature reached 99 degrees late Sunday afternoon, June 7, in Fargo, tying the record high set originally in 1972. This is the hottest temperature recorded officially for Fargo-Moorhead (at Hector International Airport) since June 20, 2012, when it was 100 degrees.

Since 1989, temperatures hotter than 99 degrees have been recorded in Fargo only four times. It was 100 degrees on June 17, 1995. In July 2006, the temperature cracked 100 degrees twice — 101 on July 15 and 102 on July 30. It got to 100 again in 2012.

Throughout the 1980s, temperatures hotter than 99 degrees were much more common, occurring at an average pace of 1.6 times per year. Some of the more extremely hot days of that decade were in 1988, when it was 106 degrees July 5 and 102 the next day. Three weeks later, it hit 105 degrees on July 27.