The winter season is still going strong, but it's now in its mature phase, with only a few weeks likely left until spring weather takes over. In many ways, this winter season is showing itself to be fairly average.

There have been 32 calendar days with temperatures dropping to zero or below, compared to an average through today's date, Feb. 17, of 37. Although those Arctic cold snaps seem to last forever, the temperature has fallen into the minus 20s just four times. The average daily mean temperature is also running a shade warmer than average.

Snowfall for the winter is about 6 inches above average to date, but much of that snow fell early. Limited snowfall since the new year began has inched the seasonal snowfall closer to average. Three blizzards have hit this winter, four if you count the October storm that produced blizzard conditions in northeastern North Dakota, and that is about average for a winter season.