Since the last big snowfall Dec. 28-29, precipitation has been running lighter than average, which has taken some of the gloom-and-doom away from the atmosphere surrounding the spring flood. This is exactly why people need to do their best to remain analytical, not emotional, about our near-annual spring flood watch. Following the big late December storm, the sight of such high snowdrifts created a dark and deepening mood about the spring flood. Even though there was not yet enough water content in the snow for a flood catastrophe, many people just assumed it would keep snowing through January, February, and March.

Well, we're halfway through and the water content of the snow pack has only increased nominally. The drifts have settled and sagged while our spring flood attitude has improved. To be sure, a flood threat still exists. It could still snow like crazy in March or rain like crazy in April, or both. So don't let all these positive emotions cloud your judgement.