Last year, Fargo-Moorhead broke the record for snowfall in February at 21.4 inches, and this happened without any particularly heavy snowfalls. Instead, it was a barrage of light to moderate snows, often accompanied by high winds and blowing snow.

It started with 4.2 inches on Feb. 3-4, then another 5.4 inches three days later. There were a few dustings through mid-February for a total of 3.4 inches, and then another 1.9 inches fell Feb. 20. Two days later, another 4.4 inches fell, and then one final 1.1 inches on Feb. 26.

This winter, there have been fewer snowfalls, but the two large ones at the end of November and again in late December have certainly added up. Snowfall to date this year stands at 42.8 inches. Last year through Feb. 9, we had received 36 inches of snow but we ended up getting 65.4 inches due to all the late-season snow.